King's Church Guildford

Back in person

We are very excited to be meeting 'in person' for Sunday services again! Christ Church Guildford have very kindly allowed us to use their building so that we can gather together. We will, however, need to meet at 3pm (rather than our usual 4pm) so that they have time after us to set up for their evening service.

Below is some useful information about how we plan to go ahead - if you are attending one of our in-person services, it's especially important that you read through these carefully.

YouTube Sunday services at King’s 

If you are unable to join us in-person on a Sunday, you’ll still be able to join us by watching along at 3pm on YouTube. We’ll be live streaming the services straight from Christ Church for you to gather together with us from your own homes. You can watch on the King's Video page by clicking here.


In-person Sunday services at King’s  

Update to our Sunday Services 

With the country now moving to step 4 of the government's 'roadmap', we want to let you know about the things that are changing and the things that are staying the same for our Sunday services. 

With regards to what is changing, we are increasing our booking capacity for the number of spaces we are providing at Christ Church, the wearing of face masks inside the building will be optional and we'll be able to sing together in person!  Additionally, we have implemented a new Test and Trace policy for our services. In the event of an attendee of our service testing positive for COVID-19, we'll only be asking those who sat 2-metres from them to self-isolate, meaning that not everyone in attendance will be required to self-isolate unless you were otherwise in close contact with them.

Besides those changes, everything else will stay the same for the time being. To come to our service you will still need to book your spaces online on Eventbrite using the button below, you and your household will be seated 2 metres away from other households during the service, the service will continue to be live-streamed and conversations are encouraged to happen outside after the service at a safe distance. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide creche, children's or youth work over the summer, although we are looking to restart those groups in September. Please pray for wisdom on this.

As the government have said, the pandemic is not over and so we still need to exercise caution and common sense. We also need to bear with one another, as no doubt some of us will feel more nervous about the restrictions easing than others.  Please bear with us too as we work out what we should change and when over the coming weeks and months.

COVID Guidelines 

Due to the current pandemic, we have taken careful steps to ensure that our services are COVID secure and safe. For this to be ensured, while attending our in-person service please follow these guidelines: 

  • To not attend if you or another member of your household show any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss of taste or smell. 
  • If anyone begins to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, please leave the service immediately. 
  • Follow the instructions of the attending COVID Officer where told to, so that is ensured that we abide by our risk assessment. 
  • Follow the social distancing rule of 2 metres away from other households. 
  • Those over the age of 11 need to wear a face covering while inside the building (optional). 
  • Consent to your details being kept by King’s Church for 21 days for track and trace purposes. 
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival and departure. 
  • Leave the building at the end of the service as promptly as possible. 
  • If anyone tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of attending a service, please inform the church office (). 


Serving Teams 

As we have a limited number of spaces for attendees during our service, we have reduced some of our serving teams to make things simpler. So, we have introduced COVID Officers as a new serving team. They will be responsible for setting up, packing down, welcoming and making sure everyone is following COVID guidelines. 

Other teams such as readers, prayers, leaders, preachers and music will remain more oless the same, just with a few added COVID secure instructions to follow. 

Please also note, if you are serving in any capacity during the service, a space for you will have already been allocated. Therefore, you don’t need to book your space for the service (however the rest of your household will). 


How to book your spaces at our service 

We have set up an online booking system using the EventBrite platform. Each week there will be a link sent out on Monday afternoon in our Newsletter for you to register your space. Please book the number of tickets for the number of people from your own household attending the service. Those on a serving team will not need to book their space, but the rest of their household will still need to. 

Unfortunately, there is a limited capacity of 60 spaces each week.  If you are unable to book a spot one week and you would like to attend the next, we’ve set up a waiting list for you. Just register the number of those attending using the same booking list, and you will be added to the waiting list. This list will have priority for the following Sunday, and you will be informed that you have a space at the next service (and therefore you won’t need to book any spaces). 


Things to bring 

There are a few things that you need to bring along to our in-person service: 

  • Your Bible 
  • Face coverings (optional)
  • Smart phone (to scan the NHS Test & Trace QR-code) 
  • Notebook and pen to make sermon notes (if you would like to) 

As we won’t be serving any refreshments at our in-person service, you may want to bring your own drinks to the service such as a bottle of water. 


When and where are we meeting? 

We are meeting in-person at Christ Church, Guildford, who have very kindly allowed us to use their venue! So, to fit us in, we’ve moved our services from 4pm to 3pm in the afternoon on Sundays. So, we could encourage you to arrive from 2:45pm to be ready to start our service at 3pm. 

Address: Christ Church, 23 Waterden Road, Guildford GU1 2AZ 


Car parking information 

There are a couple of car parks that you can use when you arrive. One is located in front of their church office along Waterden Road, and another is located around the back of the church along the side road called Churchill Road 

If you have trouble parking, there may be spaces along a few nearby side roads. In addition, there are also spaces not too far away in the London Road train station car park (you may have to buy a parking ticket). 


What to do when you arrive? 

When you arrive, you will be asked to do the following: 

  • Maintain social distancing from those who are not in your bubble at all times (both in and outside the main church building). 
  • Wear a face mask at all times in the building (optional). 
  • Wash your hands with hand sanitisers. 
  • Sign in at the welcome desk by scanning the NHS Test & Trace QR-code (or sign a paper consent form if you are unable to scan the QR-code). 
  • Then take your assigned seats in the church building. 


During the service 

Please remain in your seatduring your time in the building, and feel free to stand during the songs (however please do not sing)Please refrain from gathering with and talking to other members of the church family while you are in the building. 


After the service 

At the end of the service, please wait until it is your turn to leave the building. Please take home with you all your belongings and any rubbish you might have with you. On your way out of the building, please wash your hands using hand sanitiser. 

Outside the main church building, it would be lovely if you felt able to stay and chat to others. Please remember to keep your distance and to gather in groups of no more than six.  


Children’s groups 

Due to the current COVID restrictions, unfortunately we will be unable to provide any children and young people’s groups during our in-person services. So, while attending our service, we would ask you to keep your children seated and with you at all times, so as to maintain social distancing from other members of the congregation. 


Any questions? 

We are so glad to be meeting in person again!  Please bear with us as we get used to the building, the booking system and doing church services in these unusual times.  If you have any questions about our in-person service, then please do email us at .  If you'd like to give us feedback on how we can do things better, you can do so here.