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"I came to understand something that changed my life forever"

By Jon Cranfield, 17 Oct 2016

As a child I regularly attended church but didn’t call myself a Christian.  Once I was old enough, my parents allowed me to stop going. I didn’t think Christianity was true, and thought church was all about rituals and rules.  I wanted nothing to do with it.

But when I went to University I came across the Christian Union. This was very different from what I’d experienced before.  The Bible was clearly explained and it said things I never realised it did!

I was struck by the patience and care shown by the student worker and could see the Christian message made a difference to his life.  He invited me to his church, where I found the focus of the meetings was on having the Bible clearly explained. 

I came to understand something that changed my life forever.

I learnt that God had created me and so I owed Him everything, but I’d lived as if He wasn’t there.  I deserved His anger against me.  I deserved to go to hell.  But alongside that, I learnt the greatest news I’ve ever heard: that Jesus died on the cross to pay for His people’s sins, and that by turning away from sin and believing in Jesus I could know God and live forever with Him.

Turning away from sin and believing in Jesus wasn’t easy – and I’ve struggled to live my whole life for Jesus – but I’m thankful I can spend my life being God’s child and being part of God’s plan to save people.

King’s Church Guildford is an Anglican evangelical church meeting in Guildford.  Whether you're an established Christian, a new believer, or an interested observer, we’d love you to join us at one of our meetings!