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"I had everything I thought I needed for a perfectly content life"

By Emma Meekings, 08 Sep 2016

In 2000, I had everything I thought I needed for a perfectly content life – a happy marriage, two lovely children and a nice house in a place I’d always wanted to live.  And yet, as I watched the firework displays to mark a new millennium, I thought to myself: “Is this all there is?  One year rolling into the next until I die?” 

I was shocked by my own sense of emptiness and decided to accept a friend’s invitation to meet the new vicar at my local church.  He asked if I’d like to come on a course the church was running, which introduced the Christian faith.  I agreed.

From the beginning, I was gripped by an urgent need to know if the astounding message I was hearing was true.  To know if it was true that – if I believed what the Bible teaches Jesus did on the cross; trusted He had borne the punishment for all my sin; and turned away from my old way of living – I could be completely forgiven by God.  To know if it was true that I could enter into a living relationship with the creator of the universe and receive the gift of eternal life in Christ.

I realized nothing was more important in life than to discover if Jesus really was who he said he was: the Son of God, or not?   As I read about Jesus in the gospels, I became convinced it was the truth.

I prayed a prayer giving up my own will for my life and asking God to show me His. Amazingly, by His word, and through His Spirit, He has done ever since.

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