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"I love being a Christian, because I know my biggest problem has been dealt with by Jesus"

By Holly Saunders, 20 Oct 2016

I’ve called myself a Christian all my life.  Growing up, we went to church at Christmas and Easter, and I knew roughly who Jesus was and what He did.  After a conversation with a Christian friend though, I began to doubt whether I was really a Christian after all.

I wanted to find out more – what Jesus had actually done and what that meant for me – so my friend encouraged me to read the Bible with him.  I needed to come to know Jesus for myself, rather than relying on what I’d been told in the past.

In September 2015, my friend and I joined King’s Church Guildford.  I realised I needed the help of other Christians (and they needed my help too!), and we thought joining King’s would also help us learn more about Jesus.

I came to see that Jesus was the Son of the God who created the world, and that He came to earth to save us from our sins.  That’s a big deal!

I’d never realised before reading the Bible what a huge part of my life sin was.  But I sin without even thinking about it.  So for Jesus to pay for all of the sin in my life so far and all the times I sin in the future (so I don’t have to be punished for it)… that’s huge!

I love being a Christian, because I know my biggest problem has been dealt with by Jesus.  I don’t need to worry about other things that happen in my life.

King’s Church Guildford is an Anglican evangelical church meeting in Guildford.  Whether you're an established Christian, a new believer, or an interested observer, we’d love you to join us at one of our meetings!