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"It was witnessing the conversion of a friend of mine... which sowed the first real seed in my mind about Jesus"

By Richard Gray, 25 Sep 2016

I grew up in a typically middle class English environment. My mother was a regular church-goer (my father less so) and their beliefs were relatively private.  At boarding school I drifted thoughtlessly through chapel.

With hindsight, it was witnessing the conversion of a friend of mine named Rico, which sowed the first real seed in my mind about Jesus.  Rico’s conversion and resolute faith through a period of merciless taunting, made me think he could not have done this on his own – who was it standing over him?

Yet it wasn't until my early thirties that I started to follow Jesus myself.  I’d recently met and married my wife, Tricia, and we were living in Singapore.  She was already a strong Christian and had regularly encouraged me to explore the Christian faith – a need which became more acute as the deadly SARS epidemic swept through the area. 

With Tricia’s encouragement – and coupled with my memories of Rico’s strength and faith all those years previously – I signed up to a course exploring the Christian faith at St George’s Church, Tanglin.  It was then that I considered Jesus’ cross for the first time, and knew I had to respond.  I went to every session and prayed for Jesus to come into my life.

Looking back, it’s amazing that God did not give up on a surly youth (and adult) who was almost entirely focused on himself, but through the encouragement and action of a few believers brought me to Jesus.  If I am being honest I struggle to talk to others about Jesus but if I remind myself of my own experience there really is no excuse!

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